NEW HR Dashboard and Employee File screen redesign

Chronicle is pleased to announce a new redesign to the employe work record file and a smart new dashboard.

There is now a ‘Dashboard’ button left of ‘Details’ this will display the above data.

Changes include:

  • Contact details,

  • Join Date

  • Length of Service

  • Manager

  • Employees Managed

  • Expiring records summary

  • Trends in holiday sick lateness and absence

  • Exception issue overview

  • Bradford Factor data

  • Flexi time data

  • Workflow status summary


Note this Dashboard change is for clients how have paid for the HR Module, the redesign is however for any user.


For help getting the most out of this change please feel free to log a ticket with support or check the knowledge base for Record management and Bradford factor set up.


“The redesign is a big value add for our existing clients and an attractive new feature for mid market clients looking to adopt Chronicle.” Iftakhar Qayyum Development

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