Xero Intergration

  • Rapid Implementation – start moving employees and hours with a few clicks and in a matter of minutes.

  • Deep and seamless integration between two Cloud Based solutions – Chronicle Time and Attendance and Xero Payroll.

  • Reduce Errors – Marry Payrates and Pay Elements across Chronicle and Xero to avoid unnecessary errors and time-consuming keying in of data.

  • Easy and Quick Set up – Sync employee data across the two platforms to reduce duplication of work.

  • Improved Efficiency – Reduce errors by sending actual worked hours and timesheets in Chronicle to Xero in a few clicks.

  • Payruns – Integration supports Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly and any other combination of date and time payrun.


How to Set Up – “Connections” Existing Chronicle Online Clients Connect Xero to Chronicle Online within Chronicle product using the “Connect page” option in black navigation bar. ​ Existing Xero Clients Download Chronicle from the Xero Marketplace and sign up for a free 14 day trial of Chronicle Online, and connect Xero to Chronicle Online within Chronicle product using the “Connect page” option in black navigation bar.


​ How to Mary Earnings and Rates between Chronicle and Xero. Using the Map Earning / Rates screen in Chronicle Online users can define which type of hours in Chronicle map/marry to existing payrates/earning rates in Xero. ​ Using this tool any hours worked by Employees in Chronicle system can be sent to the correct Earnings Rate in Xero. If you add new Earnings rate in Xero i.e. a new hourly rate or job type or activity, this can be updated and new items married. Note: you need to create both types of Earnings Rate in Xero and Chronicle – only then can you marry the two across the two products.


​ Syncing Employees To avoid having to double entry employees across the two system, users can use the “Sync Employees” screen to move existing employees in Chronicle over to Xero or vice versa. This saves considerable time and effort and visibly shows you which employees are shared across the two platforms. ​ Note – The above screen shot shows only two employees are synced between Chronicle and Xero. The user would need to sync the remaining employees in order to pay these people successfully in the next Pay run.


Send Payments – avoid errors Using the Payments screen users can define the date range to match the pay run in Xero and then view the total hours x hourly rates that equals the Chronicle Amount being sent to Xero. The record will show in Red if the hours have not been sent to Xero from Chronicle or if the hours do not match. Hours may not match if data has been sent early in a pay run but the employee has then gone on to work additional hours that then also need to be sent over to Xero. ​ Note – Only two employees show in the Payments screen as only these two employees have been sent over to Xero as per previous screen shot and example showing “Syncing Employees”.


​ Book a Walkthrough of Chronicle Online and Xero Integration Chronicle Online has a team of implementation consultants and trainers based in the UK. They are readily available to help configure and advise on integration to Xero Payroll UK.

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