Facial Recognition Biometric Terminals

Chronicle are proud and excited to be introducing our newest innovation in ‘time clock’ and workforce management devices, the GT8.

We can announce the GT8, our most ambitious project to date is here. This product represents a step forward in what Chronicle Online and these devices are capable of.

Non Invasive / Simple to set up / Affordable / Reliable

Enhanced security including encrypted PII/biometric data

Data privacy laws are becoming ever more stringent and prescriptive globally especially around biometric which are used on our devices to prevent payroll fraud. The GT8 combines an encrypted file system, secure boot, hardware-backed key storage and a hardened operating system to keep data and personal information secure.

GT8 uses Android™10 providing maximum flexibility

The GT8 uses the AndroidTM 10 operating system. This means applications for the device can be easily developed using familiar tools and frameworks. The GT8 can also be updated over-the-air (OTA), keeping the operating system up-to-date and secure.

Quad-Core Processor

The GT8 uses a quadcore 1.6 GHz processor and 3GB of RAM with 16GB high performance flash to create a device truly capable of supporting today’s native and web application needs.

Facial recognition

When using our standard application, or our professional services to develop an application, we can include facial recognition technology as a touchless biometric solution to solve payroll fraud caused by ‘buddy-punching’ challenges.

5 Megapixel IR Camera

The Infra-red (IR)/Visible light camera and illumination LEDs improve the performance of facial recognition and via our enhanced exposure mode improves performance in a variety of lighting conditions.

Proximity/Biometric illumination

An Illuminated call to action highlights to the user where to present their credentials or finger for biometric identification. This means the device is intuitive and easy to use. The illumination can be tailored to suit branding needs – meaning the colour, brightness and effect of the light can be changed to a preferred setting.

High resolution (1280×800) 8” full-colour touch display

The GT8 provides a great user experience with an 8” full-colour high-resolution touch screen. This offers the user a reactive and precise interaction as you would expect from any mobile experience. The GT8 uses a hardened, capacitive, multi-touch screen that is tough and durable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – Chronicle has API’s to intergrate with third-party Payroll and HR providers such as Sage, Pegasus, SAP, Xero, Shape Payroll, MHR, Quickbooks to name a few. Chronicle Online can also export and import data using CSV files.

The break functionality in Chronicle is sophisticated and highly configurable. The implementation team can help you set up your various rules. There are even alerts if employees have missed a break or taken too long or short a break. Employees can also clock breaks on certain clocking devices and our smart-phone app.

Chronicle supports Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Overtime rules, we even do Clawback calculations and Flexi time overtime rules. What we recommend if write up your rules and share with our consultant who can help clarify how we would accommodate these calculations.

Designed to manage 100’s – 1,000’s of employees, Chronicle supports as many sites and different rules for Holiday, Shifts, and Overtime as your business need.

Yes, this is very common. A lot of companies have office staff clock on one technology and production warehouse staff clock using another. I.e. office using a fob/card and factory using biometrics.

An unlimited amount of employees can clock in and out on Chronicle.

Chronicle takes cyber security very seriously and spends significant resources every year in training our staff and strengthening our technology. Chronicle uses Microsoft Azure to host data, this is a very robust and reliable server in the cloud. All staff are Cyber Security and Information Security trained by Defence.com. Our product Chronicle Online has been penetration tested by Bulletproof, a third-party penetration testing company. Chronicle has a named Data Protection Officer, we are registered with the ICO. All Chronicle Staff have been trained in how to handle client data and have signed NDA’s and privacy contracts. Annually we also maintain a Cyber Essentials certification along with Safe Contractor certification and conduct regular Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA’s) as we introduce new technology.

Chronicle uses Scheduler technology – simply click an image below to book a meeting with one of our experts at your convieience.

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