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Chronicle is priced by the employee, user licence and clocking device. 

Software Plans

Chronicle Online

£ 1
per month per employee
  • General System access for shift planning, holiday sick absence booking, activity and cost centre analysis.

Smart Phone Clocking

£ 1
per month per employee
  • Smart Phone Clocking on either Android or iOS. Facial Recognition, Location tracking, Geo-Fencing

Chronicle HR

£ 1
per month per employee
  • Workflows, Mail Merge, Document Management, Record Management. Clocking in from your PC or Laptop

Super User Access

£ 16
per user per employee
  • Super user access gives managers access to the data on the move. Desktop & Tablet compatible.

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Hardware Plans

PAYmate or IT11

Low Cost Proximity Clocking Device


per device

Mifare Fob or Card £3.25 or £2.25 each


Fully featured Proximity Clocking Terminal


per device

Mifare Fob or Card £3.25 or £2.25 each


Fully Featured Biometric Clocking Terminal


per device

Fingerprint or Facial Recognition


Fully Featured Waterproof IP65 Rated Proximity Clocking Terminal


per device

Mifare Fob or Card £3.25 or £2.25 each

I highly recommend the Chronicle clocking in system, especially when paired with the phone app. The app is user-friendly and makes it easy for employees to clock in and out from anywhere. Additionally, the customer support team is top-notch. They are always available to help and resolve any issues I have had in a timely manner. Overall, this system has made managing employee time tracking and holidays a breeze.

Chronicle Online helps you manage your most important asset, your workforce.

Whilst maintaining control of your greatest cost, your wage bill.

With over 30 years combined experience, Chronicle Computing specializes in Cloud-Based SAAS Time and Attendance & Workforce Management Solutions

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