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This has been an excellent system for our business. I have found the company extremely helpful with any initial difficulties I, or the staff, had with the system. Happy to recommend them.

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Schedule in advance your teams rest days, working days, holiday, sickness, absence and even overtime.

Don’t get bogged down with spreadsheets and manual calculations, let Chronicle Online simplify your day.

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With Carwood encountering their predicted growth, they turned their attention to procuring a Cloud-Based application to help provide a single source of data across all their UK sites.

Witness the transformative narrative of how we rescued Carwood through a comprehensive modernization initiative.

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Workforce Management Software

What features does your workforce management software offer?

Chronicle Online workforce management software offers a range of features, including employee scheduling, access control, payroll, employee onboarding and offboarding, time and attendance tracking, leave management, reporting and analytics, compliance tools, mobile access, and integration with third-party Scheduling, HR and Payroll systems such as Xero and Cascade HR.

How does your software handle employee scheduling and shift management?

Chronicle Online workforce management software offers a range of features, including employee scheduling, access control, payroll, employee onboarding and offboarding, time and attendance tracking, leave management, reporting and analytics, compliance tools, mobile access, and integration with third-party Scheduling, HR and Payroll systems such as Xero and Cascade HR.

Can your software integrate with Chronicle Online existing HR and payroll systems?

Yes, Chronicle Online software is designed to integrate seamlessly with various HR and payroll systems, ensuring data accuracy and eliminating manual data  entry tasks. You can read about our integration with IRIS Cascade HR products here or our integration with Shape Payroll and Xero.

What reporting and analytics capabilities does your software provide?

Chronicle Online workforce management software provides the best comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to track key workforce metrics, monitor productivity, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. There are two reporting tools as standard Basic Reports and Advanced reports in total 150+ standard reports are shipped with Chronicle Online covering everything a company would need for effective workforce management. Plus, many key modules have Dashboards, including HR, Time and Attendance and Employee Self-Servicing.

Does your software support remote or mobile workforce management?

Yes, for your total workforce manager software Chronicle supports remote and mobile workforce management, allowing employees to clock in/out, view schedules, request time off, and communicate with their teams from anywhere using their mobile devices. Our employee smart app phone even had facial recognition technology and geo-fencing for smart cost-centre and activity management.

How does your software handle time and attendance tracking, including clock-in/out procedures? 

Chronicle Online workforce solution offers multiple options for time and attendance tracking, including a fingerprint biometric device, and a  facial recognition device introduced during covid called GT8. Read more about the different terminals we provide, here. Chronicle partners with market leaders ATS and Grosvenor companies in the UK and USA. Chronicle also supplies advanced web-based clock-in/out desktop software and employee smartphone mobile apps, ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of employee hours on both Android and iOS Apple devices

What compliance and regulatory features does your software include, such as labour laws and industry standards? 

Chronicle Online software is designed to comply with labour laws and industry standards, with built-in features such as overtime tracking, break and meal period management, and automated alerts for compliance violations. It also supports working time directive rules, flexitime calculations, committed hours and annualised hour schemes.

Can your software automate leave management, including vacation time, sick leave, and other types of absences? 

Yes, Chronicle Online software streamlines leave management processes by allowing employees to submit requests, managers to approve or deny requests, and HR to track and manage various types of absences efficiently. An employee can view holiday balances on their self-servicing portal or smartphone app, and team specific holiday rules, blackout periods and holiday thresholds can be applied to ensure optimised shift and about resource management.

Does your software offer employee self-service capabilities, such as shift swapping and time-off requests? 

Yes, our software includes employee self-service features that empower employees to manage their schedules, request time off, swap shifts with colleagues, and update their availability, reducing administrative burdens. Employees can also make personal data change requests if the say move address or get married and their surname changes.

What training and support options do you provide for implementing and using your workforce management software? 

We offer comprehensive training and support resources, including user guides, tutorials, online training sessions, and dedicated customer support to ensure a smooth implementation and optimal usage of our software. In addition, built into the Chronicle are numerous videos and help articles aiding users in their day-to-day administration. This is powered by Stonly technology and Zendesk.

How does your software handle forecasting and demand planning for staffing needs? 

Our software’s approach to forecasting and demand planning for staffing needs is highly customizable. Chronicle Online software allows you to set specific daily, weekly, or monthly budgets based on factors such as employee headcount, worked hours, or monetary value controls. This functionality enables you to assess whether teams or business areas are adequately staffed or experiencing resource shortages. Moreover, our tool generates detailed reports and dashboards highlighting any inefficiencies in employee schedules, facilitating optimization efforts.

Can your software track and manage employee performance, including KPIs and goal setting? 

Yes, our software includes performance tracking tools that allow you to set KPIs, track progress, conduct performance evaluations, and provide feedback to employees, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. Key indicators are employee lateness, patterns in sickness, Bradford factor analysis and overtime alerts.

What security measures does your software have to protect sensitive employee data? 

Chronicle Online software employs robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, regular audits, and compliance with data protection regulations, to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive employee data. Our product has been penetration tested by Bulletproof and all staff trained on cyber security and information security using the Defence.com platform. Chronicle also maintains Cyber Essentials and Safe Contractor certifications.

Is your software scalable to accommodate our organization’s growth?

Yes, Chronicle Online software is scalable and can accommodate organizations of various sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, allowing you to add users, locations, and features as your business expands. Read a case study on Bridgnorth Aluminum who manages over 500 employees with Chronicle Online on a 27 hectare site.

Can your software be customized to fit our specific industry and business requirements? 

Yes, our software is highly customizable, allowing you to configure workflows, create custom reports, tailor settings to match your industry regulations, and address unique business requirements effectively.

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