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I highly recommend the Chronicle clocking in system, especially when paired with the phone app. The app is user-friendly and makes it easy for employees to clock in and out from anywhere. Additionally, the customer support team is top-notch. They are always available to help and resolve any issues I have had in a timely manner. Overall, this system has made managing employee time tracking and holidays a breeze.

Chronicle Online helps you manage your most important asset, your workforce.

Whilst maintaining control of your greatest cost, your wage bill.

With over 30 years combined experience, Chronicle Computing specializes in Cloud-Based SAAS Time and Attendance & Workforce Management Solutions

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Client Testimonials

We started using Chronicle in March 2020 after a very straightforward set up. The system is easy to use and the team at Chronicle are very quick to help and advise. Would certainly recommend for anyone that needs a mobile clocking in system. Shifts are easy to set up and manage and the exceptions highlight any clocking issues prior to payroll reporting.
Trust pilot Review
Really impressed with this product. The smart phone location was very accurate which is really important for our business. The overtime is automatically calculated making payroll a smooth process. The support we received, especially during set up, was excellent. All working rules and shifts were set up and we were shown how to use the system thoroughly. We would highly recommend.
Trust pilot Review
We adopted Chronicle software initially for Time & Attendance management and so far have had great success. Chronicle support has been excellent and all queries we had have been address promptly. We are now looking to expand into the HR management capabilities of their system which again looks to be an ideal fit for our company
K Duncan
Trust pilot Review

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Time and Attendance

What is a time and attendance system?

A time and attendance system is a software solution that businesses utilize to monitor and oversee employee work hours, track attendance, and prepare a payroll run with. Nowadays, these systems are predominantly delivered through the cloud in a Software as a Service (SaaS) format. This is because of the minimal IT infrastructure costs, rapid implementation, and automatic data updates and backups offered by cloud-based solutions. Typically, a high-quality product in this category will form an integral part of a broader Workforce Management solution.

How does Chronicle Online time and attendance system work?

Our time and attendance system typically use various methods such as biometric scanners, swipe cards, or mobile apps to record when employees clock in and out. The data is then stored electronically and can be accessed by administrators for reporting and analysis. A good time and attendance system will marry the clocked data with employees’ rosters and look for any disparity. Highlighting these in the form of an exception or alert, often by email.

What are the benefits of using Chronicle Online’s time and attendance system?

Benefits include increased accuracy in tracking employee hours, streamlined payroll processes, improved compliance with labour regulations, and enhanced productivity through better workforce management. Typically, customers should see a 3-5% reduction in their wage bull cost per annum after implementation. This significant ROI is a big reason for companies to invest in Time and Attendance tracking software. Read about Carwood a customer of Chronicle Online.

What features should I look for in a time and attendance system?

Key features with Chronicle Online include time tracking, attendance monitoring, scheduling capabilities, reporting tools, integration with payroll software, and scalability. A simple interface and clear navigation is also essential so adoption by managers is quick and easy. A good time and attendance solution will have a managers app so users can complete administration tasks on the go when operating.

Can Chronicle Online time and attendance system integrate with payroll software?

Yes, our time and attendance systems offer integration with many payroll software products to automate the process of calculating employee wages and benefits based on recorded hours. Read about how Chronicle integrates with Xero.

How can a time and attendance system help with compliance and regulation requirements?

Chronicle’s time and attendance solution can assist with compliance by accurately tracking employee hours, ensuring adherence to labor laws regarding overtime, breaks, and other regulations. The best time and attendance systems and payroll systems will also manage Flexi time rules, Annualised Hours and Committed hours schemes plus have Working Time Directive reporting tools and be HMRC recognized.

What types of time tracking methods does the system support?

Chronicle Online time and attendance system will support various methods such as biometric scanners, swipe cards, PIN codes, facial recognition, mobile apps, or web-based clock-ins. Chronicle supports all of the above with technology built in-house or via partnerships with ATS and Grosvenor, two leading hardware manufacturers worldwide.

How secure is the data collected by the time and attendance system?

Data security measures built into Chronicle Online include encryption, access controls, and regular backups to protect sensitive employee information. Chronicle uses a SQL database by Microsoft and maintains many certifications including Cyber Essentials and Safe Contractor.

Can the system generate reports on employee attendance and hours worked?

Yes, Chronicle Onlines time and attendance systems offer reporting features that allow administrators to generate customized reports on employee attendance, hours worked, and other relevant metrics. Our team of experts can even write custom reports and rules for clients if the standard 150+ reports are not sufficient.

What level of technical support is provided with the time and attendance system?

Chronicle Online offers reliable technical support, including UK based assistance with setup, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance. We use technology from leading suppliers such as Azure, Zendesk, Stonly and Pipedrive see our partner page for more information. This ensures our customers get the best level or time and attendance support and quick resolution times to time management related issues raised.

How customizable is the system to fit the unique needs of my organization?

Chronicle Online is flexible enough to accommodate the specific requirements of your organization, such as custom fields, workflows, and integration options. Schedule a demonstration today to talk about your specific challenges.

Is the system scalable for businesses of different sizes?

Chronicles time and attendance system is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. See our case studies page to see the range of customers we support.

What are the costs associated with implementing and maintaining a time and attendance system?

Costs may include upfront implementation fees, subscription or licensing fees, hardware costs (if applicable), and ongoing maintenance and support expenses. See our pricing page for more information.

Can the system accommodate remote or mobile employees?

Many modern time and attendance systems offer mobile apps or web-based portals that allow remote or mobile employees to clock in and out from anywhere. Chronicle has apps in both Apple and Android stores and provides separate apps for Managers and Employees for effective Employee Self Servicing and daily administration.

How user-friendly is the interface for both employees and administrators?

Our customers love our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Read our trust pilot reviews here explaining how easy our solution is to navigate and perform necessary time and attendance tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – Chronicle has API’s to intergrate with third-party Payroll and HR providers such as Sage, Pegasus, SAP, Xero, Shape Payroll, MHR, Quickbooks to name a few. Chronicle Online can also export and import data using CSV files.

The break functionality in Chronicle is sophisticated and highly configurable. The implementation team can help you set up your various rules. There are even alerts if employees have missed a break or taken too long or short a break. Employees can also clock breaks on certain clocking devices and our smart-phone app.

Chronicle supports Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Overtime rules, we even do Clawback calculations and Flexi time overtime rules. What we recommend if write up your rules and share with our consultant who can help clarify how we would accommodate these calculations.

Designed to manage 100’s – 1,000’s of employees, Chronicle supports as many sites and different rules for Holiday, Shifts, and Overtime as your business need.

Yes, this is very common. A lot of companies have office staff clock on one technology and production warehouse staff clock using another. I.e. office using a fob/card and factory using biometrics.

An unlimited amount of employees can clock in and out on Chronicle.

Chronicle takes cyber security very seriously and spends significant resources every year in training our staff and strengthening our technology. Chronicle uses Microsoft Azure to host data, this is a very robust and reliable server in the cloud. All staff are Cyber Security and Information Security trained by Our product Chronicle Online has been penetration tested by Bulletproof, a third-party penetration testing company. Chronicle has a named Data Protection Officer, we are registered with the ICO. All Chronicle Staff have been trained in how to handle client data and have signed NDA’s and privacy contracts. Annually we also maintain a Cyber Essentials certification along with Safe Contractor certification and conduct regular Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA’s) as we introduce new technology.

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