Floris Case Study

About Floris

Established in 1730 Juan Floris married his English rose Elizabeth and together they began creating perfume at the Jermyn Street Shop in St James’s. Today, Floris is the only Appointed Perfumer to Her Majesty The Queen and is still run by the original family. Now in its 9th generation Floris remain purveyors of the finest English perfumes for women, men and the home.

The Requirement

With a London shop on Jermyn street and a distribution facility in Tiverton, Floris desired a system that could manage a workforce across multiple sites and track and record different work patterns and employees’ overtime.

Although one business, actually the operations across the two locations are in fact quite different. The shop operates as a true retail environment and the Tiverton facility as a true warehousing environment.

When replacing the existing timesheet process with a modern workforce management solution across both sites, Chronicle had to be able to account for both styles of operations and working rules.

‘What I liked about Chronicle is its simplicity. The layout and design is very intuitive.’

Graham Buller Floris

The Solution

Like all customers of Chronicle Computing Ltd, Floris use Chronicle Online a completely cloud based workforce management solution encompassing Time and Attendance, Scheduling, HR and Reporting.

The PAYmate terminals were dispatched by courier which Floris self-installed. This kept the lead time and installation cost to a minimum. The software was activated remotely with training and set up done online. Over a period of time, rules and customisation was added to the shift patterns and rosters to accommodate paid and unpaid lunch breaks, overtime logic and rounding rules.

The Data Capture

Based on culture and staffing numbers, a simple and easy Proximity system was sufficient. Wishing to just clock in and out and the system to deduct the lunch breaks meant three PAYmate clocking terminal was a suitable solution.

PAYmate Clocking Terminal Chronicle Online / Self Servicing

“Chronicle Online meets the immediate and future requirements for Floris. The solution they have produced was innovative and easy to use”

Graham Buller Floris

About Chronicle Computing

Chronicle Computing was established in to provide small medium and large companies the most functional, robust and affordable Cloud Based Workforce Management System in the UK.

Specialising in Time and Attendance, Access Control, HR and Scheduling Solutions. Chronicle Computing has extensive experience in managing, implementing, configuring, installing and training users on WFM systems.

Mission Statement – ‘To provide an affordable, simple and robust web-based workforce management system that users can prepare a payroll run with and extract management information, critical to a successful organisation.’

Telephone: 07401578527

Freephone: 0800 1073284

Email: rupertlassen@chronicle-computing.co.uk


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