Morgan Furniture Case Study

About Morgan

Morgan Furniture is a wholly British, design orientated, business making seating and tables for the contract market from its dedicated 4500m2 factory in Hampshire.

At Morgan they believe the design and manufacture of truly original, high-quality furniture is the result of passion, care, design integrity, experience, craftsmanship and an unfaltering dedication to quality. This commitment could not be realised without fully integrating the design and manufacturing processes. At their factory and studio in Hampshire they start the process with trees and finish with beautifully crafted chairs.

Their Mission

To be a leading designer and manufacturer of contract seating, building strategic partnerships with designers and specifiers and working to provide quality interior solutions.

Lean Manufacturing

Morgan is a passionate exponent of lean manufacture and, through its actions, clearly demonstrates how this approach delivers mutual benefits for company and customer. Significant reductions in waste have produced corresponding environmental gains and cost savings for the customer while, at the same time, operational efficiency has been increased resulting in improved lead times and even higher quality of product and service to the customer. They employ highly skilled, committed and motivated people, with a passion for furniture, and an ability to interpret and satisfy their customers’ needs.

The Problem

In 2018 Morgan Furniture’s operation had outgrown their existing Workforce Management solution. With an expanding workforce and an operation across multiple sites in the UK, Morgan needed a centralised system that could provide them live information across three locations. With two Production sites, in Hampshire and Wales, plus a London showroom, Morgan required a blend of data capture devices suitable to each location size and requirements.

In the main production facility they required a biometric system. This was because the majority of the workforce was here and a device suitable for a high number of transactions to occur at a single time was essential. Biometrics also eliminated any possibility of ‘buddy clocking’ and employees having to remember cards or fobs.

In the other production facility and London show room, they wanted Smart Phone clocking, as it was simple, quick to set up and low cost. Perfect based on the low number of employees present on the remote sites.

Being experienced users of Time and Attendance systems, Morgan knew a modern product could help them simplify their Holiday booking process internally. The goal was to move away from paper request forms and for employees to have access to their roster remotely and make an online holiday request. In turn removing paper, saving time and simplifying the procedure for both administrators and employees.

“Chronicle was a natural choice, cloud-based technology with a variety of data capture devices, which like Morgan was designed and developed in the UK.”

Gareth Stephenson, Production Manager

The Solution

After a detailed discovery meeting and fact-finding exercise. The team presented Morgan with Chronicle Online, supplemented by Biometrics, Smart Phone Clocking and Employee Self Servicing.

The Suprema Biometric terminal was the best biometric clocking terminal for their environment and workforce. One of the biggest challenges with biometrics is successfully enrolling all of the employees. This is especially the case in a manufacturing environment where people’s fingers can quickly become rough cracked and damaged. The Chronicle installed commissioned, trained and activated the solution for Morgan onsite in a single day.

For the London showroom and new Welsh factory Smart Phone Clocking was the perfect fit. Low cost and quick to implement this would capture employees clocking records and give the head office in Hampshire live visibility of the group’s operation. Employees simply downloaded the app for free from either the Google Play store or the Apple App store, and put in their credentials.

Activation of employee Self Servicing and Online Holiday requests was easy, Chronicle and Morgan set employees up, distributed username and passwords. Sent out the log URL and a simple 3 step word document explaining the process of requesting a holiday online.

The Technology

Biometric Clocking Terminal

“The Chronicle development team listened to our feature requests and deployed changes to their solution in a matter of weeks.”

Simran Ghag, Administrator

Chronicle Online / Self Servicing

“Having used Time Management systems in the past, it is clear Chronicle have a great product and a very knowledgeable team.”

Gareth Stephenson Production Manager

About Chronicle Computing

Chronicle Computing was established in to provide small medium and large companies the most functional, robust and affordable Cloud Based Workforce Management System in the UK.

Specialising in Time and Attendance, Access Control, HR and Scheduling Solutions. Chronicle Computing has extensive experience in managing, implementing, configuring, installing and training users on WFM systems.

Telephone: 07401578527

Freephone: 0800 1073284


Mission Statement – ‘To provide an affordable, simple and robust web-based workforce management system that users can prepare a payroll run with and extract management information, critical to a successful organisation.’

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