Chronicle Online Update – Regular Improvements

Chronicle Online Update

Preventing Invalid DOB range on Edit/Create Employee 
In the Chronicle system, users can input an employee’s date of birth (DoB). Before a recent fix, the absence of validation for invalid dates led to problems on the Live Data screen. A prompt solution was applied, setting the DOB to null when an invalid date was entered, resulting in improved system functionality.

Dashboard Graph now works with start and end date 

In the Chronicle system, a problem with the dashboard graph was addressed by allowing users to define start and end dates. This enhancement ensures that the graph exclusively presents data within the specified date range, resulting in a more customized and controlled representation of information.

Added arrows on the calendar 
The issue of arrows on the calendar displaying on chronicle has now been resolved. The arrows are now functioning properly across all platforms.

Tags – Hard Delete 
Previously, the system encountered an error when attempting to delete tags applied to employees. This issue has been addressed, and now, when a tag is deleted, it is automatically removed from any associated employees or users without causing errors and removes the tag.

BadgeId required error message 

Prior to this modification, if an employee was added or edited without a badgeId, the system would close the modal without implementing the changes and without providing any explanation to the user. With the recent update, when a user attempts this action, a red error message is displayed, clearly indicating that the badge ID field is required, enhancing user feedback and clarity.

Correct URL’s for Chronicle Online 

The system has been updated to display either the US or UK URL based on the user’s region consistently across all areas of the system. This ensures a region-specific URL presentation for users.

Remuneration – Pay History Delete
A new feature has been introduced, allowing users the option to delete pay history records within the system. This provides users with increased flexibility and control over managing pay history information.

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