Coming soon – GT4 Mifare Clocking Terminal


The GT4 is the very best in mid-price hardware where lower cost does not mean sacrificing quality. This product offers robust support for biometric readers to prevent buddy punching, enhancing security.

It provides expansion options through USB ports, allowing for additional functionalities. The device offers a wide range of reader technologies, increasing flexibility. Its durable ABS plastic casing ensures robustness, while the customisable key mat adds a personalised touch to the user interface.

Key Features

  • 4.3-inch colour screen
  • Durable membrane keypad
  • Four USB ports
  • Power through POE or 12V DC Jack
  • Swipe, proximity or biometric reader options
  • Remote management available
  • 8 ‘soft’ function keys with nested menus
  • Wide range of readers including RFID and biometrics

Please speak with your Account Manager or the Support desk for more information.

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