Holiday Sickness and Absence

Managing employees Holiday Sickness and Absence records in a company is no easy task when you’re relying on excel spreadsheets or paper records.

When we look at a typical business there are varying considerations for each individual that can cause headaches. These include

  • Length of Service -adding days to annual entitlement
  • Paid and Unpaid Records for various Sick and Absences types
  • Full Pay and Half pay depending on length of Absence
  • Accruals to calculate entitlement and different join dates affecting values.
  • Carry Over across the years, with max and mins.
  • Bank Holidays
  • TOIL or Time off in Lieu

Chronicle when configured correctly to your business logic helps address all of the above issues making system users life easier, the calculations quicker and more accurate not to mention the inability to loose an empoyee file or hoistroyr of absence.

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