How long does it take to implement a Time Management system?

Implementing a Time Management system is a process that is typically broken up into 5 phases.

Pre installation – This usually includes preparing Software and Hardware installation – so server and client machines and preparing power and network points. In addition we may do a site survey, import of employee data, collection of working rotas, company structure, holiday sickness absence types and overtime information. 1 – 2 Days

Installation – Often 1 or 2 days depending on the size of the implementation but for an average customer we take a day to install the software and a couple of days connecting up the time and attendance terminals. 1-2 Days

Configuration – When on site our implementer will look at the information a customer provided and check with the user that the working rules are correct, the overtime is accurate, the entitlements are in place for holiday sickness and absence and so on. This is achieved by having a small sample group of people from around the business, clock in and out on the new system over a few days. 1 -2 Days

Training- Once data quality has been checked and clocking records gathered by the system then training can begin. We use your live system to test and work through real life examples to make it a useful as possible and to help you get up and running as soon as possible. 1- 2 Days

Bedding IN- The real challenge is then internally for companies to force adoption of the new system with all managers or administrators of the system using it daily and for all employees within the business to clock in and out. On average this takes around 1 month to implement.

Getting to the point when the company is confident and reliant on the system daily and actually using it to process payroll automatically into Sage, Pegasus or Earnie etc varies but on average this is achieved within another 1-2 months.

As you can see the time and effort Chronicle provides is instrumental to the setting up and commissioning of the system but the real work needs to be made by the management and company directors in forcing adoption of the technology over the following 1-3 months after installation and getting to the point where any old system has been replaced or the manual paper clock cards or timesheet are made redundant.

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