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About Chudley

Chudley International Moving & Shipping established in Taunton in 1994. In those early days, they specialised in shipping fine art and antiques, but over the years they diversified into home and office removals both within the UK and internationally. With a modern fleet of specialist vehicles, a large secure storage facility and most importantly, a well-motivated team of talented professionals dedicated to making your move go smoothly without any drama.

Whether your home is a one bedroom flat, a semi-detached house, or even a country mansion UK or abroad, Mark Chudley guarantees that the service you receive from Chudley will be of the same high standard and that nothing will be left to chance.

The Problem

Having grown successfully over the years with an increasing number of employees and growing international presence, managing the workforce at Chudley was becoming challenging.

Keeping track of employee’s hours, scheduling shifts and payroll calculations at the end of every pay run was slowing down the administration team and causing headaches.

Also, with Chudley being a ‘mobile workforce’ they needed a flexible solution. The traditional clocking terminal and client server options just wouldn’t work for their operation.

Chudley knew they needed a modern cloud-based solution that would quick to deploy, simple and easy to use and accessible from any device.

The Technical

Chudley operates 7 days a week and as a result required the ability to separate out normal working hours and weekend hours simply for payroll. Weekday hours receive one rate and Saturday and Sunday hours another. The Chronicle team configured this into the product and customised a payroll report in order to meet this requirement saving administrators significant time and removing any chance of errors.

With a mobile workforce Chudley also needed the system to show exactly where the employee was when they clocked in and out. Accurate location services were essential in order to restrict any abuse of the system.

In addition, as part of our ‘account management’ process, Chronicle and Chudley worked together in coming up with an enhancement to the mobile app which enabled an employee to send a note to the manager straight into the work record.

This feature helps greatly speed up the exception management process when inevitably employees forget to clock in and out occasionally.

“It was a simple activation process and Chronicle supported us throughout. It was refreshing for my ideas around ‘notes’ to be added quickly and for the Chronicle team to act on my suggestions.”

Adam Chudley, Owner

The Solution

Chronicle Computing engaged with Chudley in mid 2018, using a thorough discovery process the team quickly became familiar with the operation at Chudley, identifying the key criteria and challenges in their current time and attendance process.

With that insight, a tailored presentation was prepared to show the relevant features and benefits Chronicle Online with Smart Phone clocking would provide. This was followed up by a clear explanation of the set-up process, timescales, challenges and subsequent costs.

Chronicle configured, activated, trained and supported Chudley in producing a live workforce manage system and accurate payroll report within 2 months.

Chudley now successfully uses Chronicle Online supplemented with the Mobile Clocking App to significantly reduce the time to run and prepare payroll.

Mobile Clocking App Chronicle Location Visibility

“Chronicle solution saves me hours of time each month preparing payroll, whilst also providing invaluable management information around lateness and overtime.”

Adam Chudley, Owner

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