Rumbol Products Case Study

About Rumbol Products

Rumbol are a manufacturer specialising in the production of sustainted release trace element and vitamin ruminant boluses.

The product was conceived and eventually crafted as a result of a decade of research and development by the late Dr. Norman Ritchie and his colleagues at the University of Glasgow during the 1980’s. As a scholar and a lecturer in agricultural nutrition, Dr Ritchie believed the ruminant bolus could impact the lives of millions of farmers and cows worldwide. He started our manufacturing business in 1988. Rumbol have operated from their current premises in Clydebank since 1993. To this day these boluses, which are distributed by Agrimin Ltd, are considered to be the industry gold standard. The boluses optimise growth rates in the young, aid in easier calvings, help grow strong healthy calves, reduce the calving spread and optimise general condition in cattle. Active components include copper, cobalt, selenium, manganese, zinc, iodine, and vitamins A, D3 and E.

The Situation

Having grown year on year since 1988 and having recently moved into new offices, Rumbol wanted to refresh and update their workforce management system.

Operating a predominately shift orientated system in production and standard hours in the office they didn’t require an overly complicated solution. However, they did want something simple and quick to set up, easy to use and that was developed using modern cloud based infrastructure.

The Solution

The Chronicle sales team presented two options for Rumbol, one Proximity card or fobs and two Biometrics using vein imagery. It was decided due to environment, employee numbers, budget and company culture that a Proximity system would be the best fit for Rumbol.

With this data capture method and the software ‘Chronicle Online”, Rumbol had within a week from the initial enquiry, a fully operational time and attendance, hr and scheduling solution.

The speed of implementation was down to two key parts; one the technology and two the operational approach.

Firstly, Chronicle is a completely cloud based solution which means no software to install, no database to set up, no site visits, no firewalls to deal with no it team to liase with. This drastically reduces the time it takes to prepare an environment and commission the clocking terminal.

Secondly Chronicle provided all professional services including the sales demo, configuration, commissioning, training and support and maintenance online remotely.

With these two key differences Chronicle was able to activate a solution in days not weeks.

“Chronicle Online was up and running in a matter of minutes, plus the team helped us configure everything.”

Elspeth J Talbot, Managing Director

The Technology

PAYmate Clocking Terminal

“Chronicle Online was a natural choice, throughout the whole process they were professional and clearly very experienced.”

Elspeth J Talbot, Managing Director

About Chronicle Computing

Chronicle Computing was established in to provide small medium and large companies the most functional, robust and affordable Cloud Based Workforce Management System in the UK.

Specialising in Time and Attendance, Access Control, HR and Scheduling Solutions. Chronicle Computing has extensive experience in managing, implementing, configuring, installing and training users on WFM systems.

Telephone: 07401578527

Freephone: 0800 1073284


Mission Statement – ‘To provide an affordable, simple and robust web-based workforce management system that users can prepare a payroll run with and extract management information, critical to a successful organisation.’

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